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News for September 2010

Tax – on the left, on the right, on your own!

29 September 2010

The current round of party political conferences has resulted in the expected hyperbole. First of all the Liberals pounded on about the immorality of tax avoidance and evasion whilst never seeking to distinguish that tax avoidance is legal, whereas tax evasion is not. Evasion is fraud – tax avoidance involves legally taking advantage of the […]

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Bid deadline today for Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP’s)

6 September 2010

Haleys are taking a special interest in todays bid deadline for the proposed LEP’s that are due to replace Labour’s eight regional development agencies (RDA’s) outside London by 2012. The government see the role of LEP’s as crucial in rebalancing the economy and spreading prosperity. Fears are growing however, that the new LEP’s will be […]

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