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20 Years not out for Melanie!

23 November 2010


This autumn Melanie Lawrence clocked up 20 years working with Tim Haley.

Although she deserves a medal, to mark this fantastic occasion Tim presented Mel with a very swanky hand bag and some jewellery.

Tim said 'although the firm started 16 years ago, Mel has just passed the 20 years mark working with yours truly. Mel has been a fantastic colleague and very loyal team member over the years. I had to mark this very special milestone to thank Mel for all her efforts'.

Mel said 'When I first met Tim I had no idea we'd still be working together 20 years later. We both look a bit different now! Haleys is a great firm, as we're a team of friends, not just colleagues. I love working with our clients and look forward to showing off my new handbag to them!'

Well done Mel and thank you!

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