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‘Good to Great’ and what owner managed businesses can learn!

7 September 2011

Directors Tim Haley and Louise Gorrell will be presenting a seminar at Blackburn Rovers on Thursday 8 September 2011 to show what SME owners can learn from the greatest companies ever run.

The seminar will be presented to the members of the Business Network Pennine.

In 2001 Jim Collins published ‘Good to Great’ – a book that took the author and 25 research assistants 5 years to compile.

A book now considered by many experts to be the finest business development book ever written.

The author posed the basic question – ‘What make’s a company great?’

But first they needed to define ‘great’. Well, their bench mark was to select companies that had been around for over 30 years on the Fortune 500 and that had out performed their closest rivals by 300% for at least 15 consecutive years!

Out of a possible 1435 companies that had been around that length of time, just 11 fitted the definition.

Then the research team got cracking to find out what made these businesses tick and in the process uncovered how they had so much in common.

Tim Haley, managing director of Haleys Business Growth Accountants – a firm passionate about helping established businesses increase profitability, maximise value and making it all more enjoyable, will share with you and help you discover, the codes for unlocking greatness…

  1. Level 5 Leadership
  2. First who…then what
  3. Confront the Brutal Facts (but never lose faith)
  4. The Hedgehog Concept
  5. A Culture of Discipline
  6. Technology Accelerators
  7. The Flywheel and the Doom Loop

The seminar has already attracted a large amount of interest and Tim and Louise will be offering free consultations after the seminar.

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