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Netfast Breakfast Concorde with NWAA!

26 January 2012

A party including clients attended a different type of event hosted by the North West Aerospace Alliance on Thursday 26th January, held at the Concorde Conference Centre at Manchester Airport.

The event started off with a presentation by Morson International on the current state of the aero-industry throughout the world and its impact on the north west.

This was followed by a very lively netfast session. This basically gave everyone 5 minutes to get to know each other before the school bell rang and you met another person - kind of like speed dating!

After that we were all provided with a full tour of Concorde which still looks as modern as ever. Excuse the accountant in us but Mach 2.0 (c1400mph) at 60,000 feet - you could arrive in New York (local time) earlier in the morning then when you would set off from London - about 3 hours earlier. Mind boggling!

haleys joined NWAA in order to kept abreast of developments in the aerospace industry in order to assist engineering clients maximise their business potential.

The event was a great success and minds are now bending to holding the next event at the Science and Aerospace Museum in Manchester.

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