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haleys bring Michael Lucas on board

2 July 2012


As of Monday 2 July 2012, haleys are delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Lucas as a new company director.

Michael joins the company from RSM Tenon, bringing with him a wealth of experience in tax planning and wealth management.

Since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1984 and based in Chorley and Preston since then, he has been advising entrepreneurs and family businesses, and assisting them with their overall tax and financial planning matters.


Managing Director Tim Haley is excited by the prospect of Michael joining his team: “We both have the same outlook with clients, which is about providing a proactive service. We are both keen to work with our clients to look at ways to improve their profitability, and increasing the value of their business.

“Michael’s appointment is a great opportunity to develop the practice, as he will complement our existing team. This is a massive strategic development for haleys, and I am sure that this appointment will turn heads.”

Michael has a wide range of business contacts in Preston, Chorley and the Fylde area, and he is keen to engage with the businesses which haleys have helped to develop since the practice began in 1994.

“I’m looking forward to reconnecting with clients, dealing with the things that really matter to them. They want advice that fits with where they want to be in the next five, ten, twenty years. That is what I am very keen to do, providing solutions for them.

“Coming here to deal with clients again on a one to one basis, in a refreshing, organised team is great. There is a core team of senior people here, and also a list of long-standing clients who have been with Tim from day one, and that has been one of the main attractions for me”

Away from the workplace, Michael is an avid tennis player, and takes every opportunity to travel the globe following the international tennis circuit.

haleys form intimate working relationships with their clients and are passionate about helping them increase profitability and maximise value.

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