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HCA are going for the Crown

24 September 2014


Friday evening was another evening of fun for the haleys team. Organised by our social committee, the team headed out to Broughton Social Club to enjoy an evening of Crown Green Bowling

Bowls AJT.

Split into three teams, HCA started their evening with a crash course on the rules and strategy by Queen of the Green, our very own Jayne Thomas. Jayne is a frequent bowler and so, with woods in tow, the rules were explained and we set off with the matches.

It would seem that the best advice of the evening was to 'bowl towards your pint', as this lead to many close calls with the woods almost touching the jack.

Bowls ML

Each team had an individual winner; these were:

Team Fabulous - Joanna Ramsdale
Team Fury - Darren Pilkington
Team Pasta - Alice Singleton

After the main games, we held a competition to see who out of the whole HCA team could get their wood closest to the jack. It was a very tense match with everyone running onto the green once the last person had bowled to see the end result. The winner of this was newest member of the HCA team - Sarah Sudell.

The excitement continued as we then went for a traditional English meal at the Broughton Inn; complete with lots of laughter and chocolate brownies.

Once again, it was a very enjoyable evening and we look forward to the next event in our social calendar.

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