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Another Great Year In Prospect For THR

13 March 2015

Hoppers Rollers

For the last few decades success at Preston Grasshoppers has mainly come on the rugby pitch in treacherous, muddy and hard-fought conditions, but in recent times there’s been another focus for the club thanks to their successful cycling division.

haleys have been a sponsor of Team Hoppers Rollers’ elite group of cyclists ever since the more competitive-minded social cycling members branched off from the regular leisurely riders and began participating in regional and national competitions.

There is still integration with the social members for practise during winter, but during the summer months most elite riders are racing almost every weekend.

Some of the riders are ex-Grasshoppers players striving to keep themselves active and competitive despite having hung up their boots, while the remainder of the team still have connections to the club without illustrious rugby playing days behind them.

Currently, 20 riders ranging from cycling categories one to four make up Team Hoppers Rollers and they ended last season ranked as third in the North West region.

This success was largely down to great consistent performances by individual elite riders, most notably Steve Abbott who made a significant contribution to the team’s ranking points in 2014 following a gold medal at the World Corporate Games Road Race capping off numerous top five finishes in local and national races.

Injuries ultimately hampered an even higher points total in what was an otherwise hugely successful 2014 for the Rollers, and the new season has already started positively with two top ten finishes in local elite races and no injuries to speak of so far – long may that continue.

haleys would like to wish the best of luck to Team Hoppers Rollers for the remainder of the 2015 season. For all the latest Hoppers news, events and social cycling meet-ups, visit


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