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March 2016 – insider newsletter

3 March 2016

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Welcome to your March 2016 insider newsletter

In this edition, the following topics are discussed:


Pension freedom barriers to be removed

The government has introduced a range of measures aimed at removing barriers that may stop people from being able to access their pensions.

Government productivity plan lacks focus

The government's productivity plan has been described as a "vague collection of existing policies" by the business, innovation and skills (BIS) Committee.

Self-employed workforce continues to grow

The number of people choosing to become self-employed has continued to grow, making up 15% of the total workforce.

"Real test" for auto-enrolment ahead

Auto-enrolment has been a success for larger employers, but the "real test" lies ahead as smaller employers begin to enrol their employees, a report by the Public Accounts Committee has concluded. 


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