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Pre-launch tasting event for Cuckoo Gin a sell out

6 June 2017

Haleys’ client Brindle Distillery at Holmes Farm in Lancashire is about to launch Cuckoo Gin and the Distillery team has decided to hold a pre-launch tasting-event for the local community. Locals from the villages of Brindle, Wheelton, Withnell and Whittle-le-Woods will be able to taste the new gin and hear the Cuckoo Gin story.

Cuckoo Gin will be handcrafted in small batches at the independent distillery located in the village of Brindle. Many locals will know the story of the Brindle Cuckoo which goes back to the middle-ages and means that anyone ‘born n bred’ in Brindle is known as a Brindle Cuckoo. As most of the raw materials that go into making the bespoke spirits in the Brindle Distillery range are locally sourced and grown on Holmes Farm, Cuckoo Gin can definitely claim to be Brindle ‘born n bred’.

The free tasting, which will take place at The Village Tea Room at Wheelton on 16th June, is already a sell out.

Cuckoo Gin has its own Facebook page and you can find out there about future events and festivals that the team will be attending throughout the summer. Click here to read more about Haleys and the Brindle Cuckoo story.

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