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Nilla Karlsen-Davies

16 November 2017

Nilla joined the R&D division in November 2017 after submitting her PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Lancaster University. Her research focused on factors affecting the performance and reliability of regenerative pumps. She has an MEng in Sustainable Engineering and has previously been involved in several R&D projects, both as a student and as an assistant lecturer, collaborating with SMEs on renewable energy technologies, sustainability and energy efficiency. Nilla was recently made a member of the Fluid Machinery Committee of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Did you know?

Nilla is passionate about the environment, loves to spend time outdoors and travel to new and exciting places. Despite living in the UK for nearly a decade she still hasn’t become an avid “normal” tea drinker but true to her Norwegian roots she always starts her day with a black coffee, even if she’s hiking the Grand Canyon!

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