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Gus Glover

8 December 2017

Gus joined the haleys team as an R&D Technical Analyst.  Gus has studied at university not once but four times now. His latest qualification is an M.Sc. in Waste and Resource Management. He believes that the control of resources is key to sustainable development and economic activity must not irreparably degrade or destroy natural and human resources. He has extensive and wide-ranging knowledge around manufacturing and has a passion for most things mechanical. Gus has also been involved in various research projects at the University of Central Lancashire. Prior experience also includes 9 years in contaminated land assessment, 12 years in ICI’s paints research division and a period working for Rolls Royce.

Did you Know?

Another one of haleys band of ex rugby players. His only real honour was playing 47 seasons until the ripe old age of 58. He has a 2nd Dan in Judo and has taught English in Japan. Many years ago he temped as a butler which lasted four years!

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